Trying to lose weight

Since I have gotten back with my first love (2 years ago come Jan. 28th) I have gained a total of 70 lbs! Yes, way too much! I have gone from a size 5 to a size 14 in jeans! Very depressing! I have been experiencing lower back pain, depression, and extreme fatigue due to my weight gain. I have never been this big! I am finally fed up! I am changing some of my habits to lose the weight. I have started taking Wal-Marts green coffee bean extract along with their green tea extract. I plan to start doing yoga and walking also. I decided to blog about it to help me stay on track and keep track of my progress. Today, I started cutting back on soda. I usually drink it all day long every day! I started today with tea and water. I am now experiencing a migraine and had to go buy a soda to help ease it. I know it’s not a good idea to try quitting cold turkey anyway. I am going to take some medicine and lay down now to fight this migraine. I will keep updating as I see fit.


Entertaining Photo Editing


As I said before, some photo editing is done by finding something on the net and making it my own. (All those photos belong originally to their respective owners) When I browse for photos I am usually looking for specific details that I can relate to in some way. Then I sometimes add text to tell a story. After I finish editing (when I remember) I add my signature as seen above. (Lips with Poison) I prefer not to use my real name in order to protect those who may be offended due to something I post that may be referencing something related to them.

Photo Editing Hobby


Photo editing... my favorite hobby used to express myself more than any other way.

I express myself through pictures more than any other form of self expression. Photo editing is my favorite hobby. The majority of my posts will be my art… Some of the pictures I actually take myself. Others ( belonging originally to their respective owners ) I download and edit to make them my own. If you like what you find here on WordPress then follow my link to Facebook and give me a ” like ” for more. I started there just last month. I am thrilled to have a way to share this hobby with the world!